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On-Demand Webinar – The Real Estate Path to Purchase – Marketing, Media and the Buyer’s Journey

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The path to purchase for homebuyers isn’t a short journey, research commissioned by realestateview puts it at about 20 months on average.

Understanding the different phases that buyers go through, and knowing what kind of media they consume in each phase, can be your silver bullet as an agent for generating and nurturing leads.

Join our presenters Jen Melocco, National Property News Director at ACM, Bill Nikolouzakis, COO at Proptech Group, and Toby Balazs, CEO at as they discuss:

  • The results and implications of the research
  • What happens along the real estate buyers journey
  • What media type is most effective at every stage of the path to purchase
  • The implications for agents and agencies on best practices for marketing to each phase
  • And much more
Maddy Flynn

Maddy Flynn

Maddy works as a Digital Content & Campaign Specialist following her graduation from RMIT with a Masters in Animation & Interactivity. She’s passionate about digital media, writing, and lovingly crocheted bees.

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