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PropTech Group to Enter Joint Venture to Launch Rello

Written by James Lawrence
31 August, 2021
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PropTech Group is excited to launch Rello, a new payments platform that is a result of our recent joint venture with fintech brands Convini - Real Estate Cashflow Solutions, FlipPay and BC Invest.


    • This new product will help revolutionise how people pay for real estate related expenses by providing real estate agents and their clients with a new payments and buy now pay later (BNPL) offerings.
    • Rello will provide real estate agency operators, CRM other property platforms with payment services.
    • The platform will enable agencies and platform partners to offer multiple payment options for any real estate related transaction.
    • The difference – deeper integrations to deliver a real seamless customer and agent experience.

James Lawrence

James is Group Digital Marketing Manager at PropTech Group. He has been writing about real estate and technology for more than 15 years. His background is in digital marketing and communications. In his spare time, he loves to surf, swim and play the piano.

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