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Our Industry Champions – William Yip

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Live simply, give more, and expect less is the motto at Team Yip – and William Yip believes in leading by example.

An award-winning agent in his own right and a consistent top performer within the First National New Zealand Group, William wants his legacy to be one of community support, mentorship, and generosity without expectation.

His passion for building and supporting his community is what brought him to create the Collective Community Hub, a cost-free space that has grown into a thriving centre for local organisations, students, businesses, and people looking for a place to connect.

To learn more about William Yip, please click here.

James Lawrence

James Lawrence

James is Group Digital Marketing Manager at PropTech Group. He has been writing about real estate and technology for more than 15 years. His background is in digital marketing and communications. In his spare time, he loves to surf, swim and play the piano.

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