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What does the hub have to offer?

Training Services

We want you to be empowered to make the most of our software, and we’ll teach you exactly what you need as you need it. Our team of product experts deliver online training plans tailored to your exact business requirements.

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Consulting Services

We want to provide you with the consulting needed to make a significant difference to your business and people. Let us help you integrate best practice into your business to make it more profitable and efficient.

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Who is the training suitable for?


Are you leveraging the full capabilities of the software to effectively and efficiently manage your database and listings?
Want to see if you are using the software to its full potential to market yourself to win new business?
Are you busy and always out on the road? Do you know how to use the mobile app to help you when you are out and about?
Are you using automations to help manage and streamline your workflows?
administrators and trust accountants

Administrators and Trust Accountants

Are you new to the role and need to learn how to manage the trust transactions correctly through the software?
Do you feel stressed when it comes time for end of month processing? Gain the confidence you need to become an end of month master and remove the stress!
Want to ensure you are using the software to its full potential to maximise efficiencies and streamline your workflows?
Do you find yourself spending too much time on some administrative tasks when automations could be doing the work for you?
Business Development Managers and Leasing Officers

Business Development Managers and Leasing Officers

Using spreadsheets or a property management trust accounting system to manage your business development and leasing activities? Let us show you how a CRM can help you achieve so much more!
Want to design and create e-marketing material that makes you stand out from the crowd to win new business and promote new listings?
Want to learn how to use the software more efficiently to streamline new business and leasing workflows?
Property Managers

Property Managers

Never used the software before and need a crash course on the basics to get you up to speed quickly?
Just taken on the trust accounting responsibilities and you are not sure where to start?
Do you want to ensure you are using the software to its full potential to help you work more efficiently?
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Meet your training team

Olly Vialls, Head of Training, VaultRE

Olly Vialls

James Elliot

James Elliott

Betty Giovas

Betty Giovas


Jude Tisseverasinghe

eagle software

Training Packages

Training tailored to suit your individual and business needs. 

Perfect to get new team members up to speed so they can hit the ground running or, for existing team members to ensure they are using the software to its full potential.

All packages include a recording of each session, providing you with a handy resource to revisit the content delivered by your trainer.

training delivered live and online

Training delivered live and online

custom designed plans

Custom-designed plans

group or individual training

Group or individual training

run on your schedule

Run on your schedule

$185 + GST per hour (AU)
$203.50 per hour (NZ)

*Minimum of 2 hours, purchased hours valid to use for 6 months.

10-hour package*
$1,665 + GST (AU)
$1,831.50 (NZ)

10 hours for the price of 9 hours

*Purchased hours valid to use for 6 months.

20-hour package*
$3,330 + GST (AU)
$3,663 (NZ)

20 hours for the price of 18 hours

*Purchased hours valid to use for 12 months.

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We have partnered with Re-Engage Consulting to offer training and consulting services to help increase profits and create efficient and consistently well run operations.

Andrew Friebe, Founder and CEO of Re-Engage Consulting, is passionate about helping principals integrate best practice into their own businesses and has worked with many businesses who could increase their profits by 20% per year by working smarter.

How can Re-Engage Consulting help you?

Annual Business Planning with a focus on profitability and inclusive of industry benchmarking

Annual business planning

Accountability through quarterly reviews and implementing tools to measure performance on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis

Accountability through quarterly reviews

PropTech Advisory with a focus on time, process, and cost efficiency

PropTech advisory

Business and technology integration to reduce duplication of effort and resources to drive profitability

Business and technology integration

Best Practice Agency and Agent Marketing

Best practice agency and agent marketing

Lead generation

Lead generation

Operational and People Planning to Build High Performance Teams and Team Culture

Operational and people planning

Coaching and mentoring high performing agents to build super teams

Coaching and mentoring

Want to learn more about our consultancy services?

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