Lauren Evans from Finance News Network interviews Joe Hanna PropTech Group CEO on the company’s future, and quarterly results highlights, including:

PropTech Group Limited (ASX: PTG) released its results for the first half of FY2022 this week, revealing 98% revenue growth compared to the first half of FY2021.

Financial and operational highlights:

During the first half, PropTech Group invested for the future, focusing on new products and add-ons that will allow its customers to spend less overall on proptech by replacing third-party software with solutions offered by PropTech Group.

The Company expanded its product and technology development team from 14 in 1H FY21 to 42 in 1H FY22.

Propps and National Property Data Announcements

The company also signed binding term sheets to act as a distribution partner for Propps and National Property Data. PropTech Group will deeply integrate these services into its CRMs, making it easier for customers to take advantage of them. In exchange, PropTech Group could earn a significant equity stake in each company.

PropTech Group’s CEO and Managing Director, Joe Hanna, said:

“During the first half, we delivered record results by growing all key metrics in our core real estate CRM SaaS business.

“We laid the groundwork for future growth with the launch of new products, the Propps and National Property Data agreements, and investments in R&D and sales and marketing. We have proven that we can deliver rapid growth to these partners with the record results produced by our prior acquisitions, Website Blue and Eagle.

“We also began delivering two new growth initiatives that leverage our 41 percent market share in our core business to substantially increase our addressable market.

“The first of these strategies is the integration of ancillary services into our core software, beginning with payments. The second is the pursuit of international growth in the UK. These initiatives are at early stages but promising. The total addressable market for ancillary services alone, in Australia and New Zealand, is 13-fold larger than the opportunity in real estate SaaS software.”

For more information, see the related ASX announcement.

Here's Group CEO Joe Hanna's recent interview on the Finance News Network, discussing our strong Q3 FY22 results, including

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PropTech Group CEO Joe Hanna gives an overview on The PropTech Group and describes our approach to technology and how we help real estate agents and agencies.

Proptech Association Australia has just announced the finalists for the 2022 Proptech Awards, the only nationally coordinated awards for Australia's booming property technology sector.

The 2022 Proptech awards has seen the largest number of nominations yet, with 124 entries in total and a panel of more than 40 judges across 23 awards.

Across its brand family, PropTech Group was able to secure five finalist positions from five nominations, being named as a finalist for the following awards:

To see the full list of finalists, please visit the Proptech Association Australia website.

The winners of each category will be announced on June 8, stay tuned for updates!

Digital offer management platform Propps and ASX-listed PropTech Group, operator of real estate CRMs VaultRE and Eagle, have announced a game-changing partnership that will enable agents to close more sales with less admin work.

 Propps CEO and Founder Daniel Bignold says the partnership helps agents by not only providing easier access to its services, but also by seamlessly integrating these solutions within their CRM, saving them the frustration of having to log into multiple different platforms.

“Thanks to this partnership, agents can receive and manage Propps offers directly within the CRM where they already do all of their other daily work. PropTech Group and Propps have already deployed the integration that allows buyer and offer data to automatically flow from Propps into your CRM. Soon, we will roll out the ability to also manage your Propps offers from directly within the CRM,” Mr Bignold says.

“Agents want as much time as possible to list and sell properties. By using Propps and its new integration into PropTech Group’s Eagle and VaultRE CRMs, you can manage offers more effectively, give your vendors a better experience, and do less admin work, so you can pitch more vendors and win more listings.

“Forty-one per cent of agents use a PropTech Group CRM. This partnership will make their life easier and make them more productive.”

Joe Hanna, CEO and Managing Director of Proptech Group, says: “It’s clear that Propps works and that agents who use it, love it. The company is not even two years old yet but its platform has already managed over $6 billion in offers.

“Nearly half of Australia’s agents already use one of our CRMs, so by integrating Propps, we’re making it easier for agents everywhere to benefit from their digital offer management solution and get more done with less admin work.

“You will be able to do everything from subscribing to Propps to managing your digital offers from right within your CRM.

“Our customers tell us that they hate having to log into multiple different tools to accomplish different tasks. So it’s our goal to integrate every important tool that an agent needs into the CRM that they already use all day, every day. We already have more than 1500 API integrations. The result is to make the agent’s job easier, make agents more productive, and help agents earn more money.

“The Propps ‘Make an Offer’ system is a simple and intelligent way for agents to centralise offers in one place in a consistent format. It smoothly integrates into an agent’s current workflow, CRM and website, saving hours of admin time, while delivering a consistent customer experience for buyers and vendors.”

PropTech Group (ASX:PTG) released its Appendix 4C and Activities Report for the three months ending 31 March 2022.

Third quarter operational highlights include

Year to date (1 July 2021 through 31 March 2022) financial highlights include:

Joe Hanna, Group CEO and Managing Director said:

"This quarter's numbers present a picture of a thriving, fast growing, cash flow positive business with a record level of annualised recurring revenues, key operational metrics continuing to trend in the right direction, and significantly strengthened working capital management.

Recurring cash receipts account for nearly 90% of the total cash receipts and continued to grow in this quarter.  Non-recurring cash receipts halved in Q3 FY22 to $0.6m on the back of a strong second quarter of $1.2m.  The strong Q2 was due to improved collections and extraordinary cash receipts from the completion of Australia's largest new real estate website project, involving more than 2,000 web domains for Harcourts."

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Download the related investor presentation here.

Live simply, give more, and expect less is the motto at Team Yip - and William Yip believes in leading by example.

An award-winning agent in his own right and a consistent top performer within the First National New Zealand Group, William wants his legacy to be one of community support, mentorship, and generosity without expectation.

His passion for building and supporting his community is what brought him to create the Collective Community Hub, a cost-free space that has grown into a thriving centre for local organisations, students, businesses, and people looking for a place to connect.

To learn more about William Yip, please click here.

We’re excited to announce the release of Eagle's integration with Rello, a quick and easy way for real estate agencies to securely request and accept payments instantly, offer pay later options and better manage cashflow. The Eagle pilot program is currently underway and will be launching soon.

Features designed to optimise the real estate agency sales process include:

  1. Improving your cashflow
  2. Removing friction from your listing process
  3. Reducing the debt you’re holding

For more information, please click here or watch this video.

PropTech Group COO Bill Nikolouzakis gives an overview on The PropTech Group and describes our approach to technology and how we help real estate agents and agencies.

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