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Agents to Close More Sales with Less Admin Thanks to PropTech Group / Propps Partnership

Written by Rebecca Gillis
28 April, 2022
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Digital offer management platform Propps and ASX-listed PropTech Group, operator of real estate CRMs VaultRE and Eagle, have announced a game-changing partnership that will enable agents to close more sales with less admin work.

 Propps CEO and Founder Daniel Bignold says the partnership helps agents by not only providing easier access to its services, but also by seamlessly integrating these solutions within their CRM, saving them the frustration of having to log into multiple different platforms.

“Thanks to this partnership, agents can receive and manage Propps offers directly within the CRM where they already do all of their other daily work. PropTech Group and Propps have already deployed the integration that allows buyer and offer data to automatically flow from Propps into your CRM. Soon, we will roll out the ability to also manage your Propps offers from directly within the CRM,” Mr Bignold says.

“Agents want as much time as possible to list and sell properties. By using Propps and its new integration into PropTech Group’s Eagle and VaultRE CRMs, you can manage offers more effectively, give your vendors a better experience, and do less admin work, so you can pitch more vendors and win more listings.

“Forty-one per cent of agents use a PropTech Group CRM. This partnership will make their life easier and make them more productive.”

Joe Hanna, CEO and Managing Director of Proptech Group, says: “It’s clear that Propps works and that agents who use it, love it. The company is not even two years old yet but its platform has already managed over $6 billion in offers.

“Nearly half of Australia’s agents already use one of our CRMs, so by integrating Propps, we’re making it easier for agents everywhere to benefit from their digital offer management solution and get more done with less admin work.

“You will be able to do everything from subscribing to Propps to managing your digital offers from right within your CRM.

“Our customers tell us that they hate having to log into multiple different tools to accomplish different tasks. So it’s our goal to integrate every important tool that an agent needs into the CRM that they already use all day, every day. We already have more than 1500 API integrations. The result is to make the agent’s job easier, make agents more productive, and help agents earn more money.

“The Propps ‘Make an Offer’ system is a simple and intelligent way for agents to centralise offers in one place in a consistent format. It smoothly integrates into an agent’s current workflow, CRM and website, saving hours of admin time, while delivering a consistent customer experience for buyers and vendors.”

Rebecca Gillis

Rebecca works in the Digital Marketing field after graduating from James Cook University with a Bachelor of Business, majoring in both Marketing & Events Management. She has recently moved to the Gold Coast and enjoys getting outdoors to make the most of the great weather.

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